Sunday, 21 October 2012

Week 32

A quiet week really, so not too much to report. Boys continue to do well, with Charlie of course, continuing to be a handful, but oh so loveable!

We have suggested to school that they encourage his love for helping, so this week he's been taking the register to the office, and he has a special 'helpers stool' next to the teacher at lunchtimes!

I know he's lived with us for a fair amount of time now, because when I was playing 'cafe's' with him on Saturday, I asked for a coffee and he said 'Would you like a latte daddy?' and then when I tried to order a juice for him he told me 'I don't have any juice' to which I replied 'Oh dear, what drinks do you have the Charlie would like' to which he replied, 'Erm, I've got some wine?'

We had a review meeting with our social worker on Friday. She seems very happy with progress. We were reflecting on Charlie's more testing qualities and noticed that most of what he does ends up in drawing attention to himself. We have to keep reminding ourselves that it's still early days and that we have to parent him as a much younger child. Sometimes I'm definitely guilty of forgetting that and not giving him the slack he sometimes needs.

We had a lovely weekend with Joe at a birthday party on Saturday morning, followed by a lovely visit from my brother and sister-in-law and the boy's cousins. On Saturday evening we managed a rare night out, making good use of a babysitter and enjoying some comedy, good food and plenty of wine with friends.

Sunday was a relaxing day, with a quick visit over to Aunty Nikki and Uncle Ian, and to Nanny, before coming home to face what feels like an ever increasing pile of weekly homework.

Last week of half term this week, so things are starting to get exciting, and only a week to our short holiday with my sister and family.

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