Sunday, 14 October 2012

Week 31

I was just re reading last weeks blog and realised how negative it sounded. I think this week has been a bit better - or maybe I was just less tired and handled it better!

A relatively uneventful week, save for our first summons to the headmasters office on Friday! Joe had been accused of messing around in the toilets at lunch time, something he denied but Charlie and another boy said he did. The head was fantastic but wanted to get Joe to tell the truth. Joe stuck to his story and I have to say, I started to to believe him, but at the same time I don't want to be one of those parents that thinks their child can do no wrong.

It was two hours later, when we were at home, that Charlie admitted that in fact, it was he and not Joe that was to blame. I was proud of how calmly Joe had stood up for himself.

After realising that the boys were so tired last weekend, we just had a very low key weekend. I cooked a curry on Friday and the boys loved a laid back meal time. I am aware just how lucky I am that I have children that enjoy a curry on a Friday night! On Saturday football was cancelled due to rain, we had a lazy morning followed by lunch and a trip to the park with some friends and their children. G did cake making with the boys and then Charlie and I made bread.

Sunday we had a lazy morning, none of us were dressed before mid day. The boys loved this, there was lots of laughter in the house. An afternoon trip to the park (I am getting bored of the park but they don't appear to be!) and then a roast dinner and home made apple pie.

Don't get me wrong, Charlie's constant 'on' behaviour hasn't abated, but it's felt a bit easier to deal with this week.

In other news, we have received notification from the Family Courts that the first of three hearing for the final adoption order has been set for the end of November. We don't have to attend that hearing but it's great to have things under way. We should have completed the entire legal process by late December/January.


  1. Hi, my partner and I are currently in the process of adopting... a year since starting from scratch, and 5 months since being with an adoption charity. We've just registered with NFS and your blog is really helping with the ongoing (often scary, but exciting!) journey that we are on. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Paul, that's really kind of you to take the time to comment, I am pleased the blog has been of some use.

      Good luck with your own journey, I really hope things work out well for you both.

      Adoption has been the hardest, but greatest thing I have ever done with my life!


    2. Thanks for the swift reply! We will continue to follow your journey, as it helps us come to terms with the life change we're about to (hopefully) undertake! P.