Saturday, 14 April 2012

A nice few days

So, now I'm back at work, my blogging is slowing down a little, my plan is to keep this going until the boys have been with us a year, but I'll probably just update it two or three times a week now.

So, generally speaking, a great few days with the children. G had day three on his own with them, broken up by lunch with his sister and a chance for the boys to meet cousin Charlie. Yesterday I worked at home as I do most Fridays. Fortunately my office is on the top floor where the boys don't really venture, so I was pleasantly surprised with how much work I managed to get done, but it was nice to be around for breakfast and lunch, and to be down with them at 5.30 when I finished.

Having spoken to the boys social on Friday via the phone, and telling her that the boys hadn't even mentioned the foster carers since our lunch with them 10 days ago, Joe had a bit of a meltdown at dinner time on Friday night. We asked him to eat his greens and he burst in to tears. It was a disproportionate response and I could see in his face that something was up, I took him in to the lounge and asked why he was crying, and he wouldn't speak. I eventually got him to say "I'm missing Julie and Pauline" which was what I thought was the case. We had a cuddle and a cry and I reassured him that it was fine to miss them and that they were missing him too, and that we would phone them this weekend.

Today we went to our first birthday party. A good friend's little girl was 1. We told the boys about the party during the week and Joe's first words when we got him this morning were "Is it party day today" On the way to the party we asked him who's party it was and he said it was Maddy and we told him she was one. To which he replied "She'll probably smell then!" Nice!

They were great fun at the party and it was so lovely to seem them playing with all our friend's children. They also got to meet Camilla. No need to mention that really, other than she requested a starring role in tonights blog.

After the party, Charlie fell asleep on me for about an hour, the cutest hour so far! Tomorrow we're off to meet Aunty Helen and Uncle and Dave and two cousins which the boys are very excited about.

And now they are in bed, we have friends on their way round for drinks - night!

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