Wednesday, 11 April 2012

G's second solo day

Just a short one tonight, I wasn't going to post, but I came upstairs and found a couple of messages from people I don't know, who have found the blog as part of their own research into adoption, and who have sent me messages saying how useful they have found reading the story, that moved me, and also made me feel guilty for not posting today!

G has really made me proud - his first two days with me back at work and he decided to not arrange to meet anyone, to reassure himself that he could cope! And of course he did, in fact he more than coped, when I've phoned home to speak to him or the boys, everything has been giggles and G has sounded calm and in control. He even braved taking them both swimming this afternoon, which the boys loved. Our exhibitionist son Charlie did decide to drop his shorts and show the entire pool his bottom, but G quickly dived in to return some sense of modesty!

I have to say, coming home at night is better than ever before, the boys running to the door to hug, kiss and tell me they have missed me makes everything wonderful.

G really feels as though the boys are settling more and more each day, they've done more play without adult involvement today and G's mastered the art of dealing with Charlie before a little sulk develops into a full strop - we are learning that diversion is easier than dealing with things when it's become escalated.

Going to bed a happy chappy again tonight!


  1. Wow sounds like you have an amazing family!!
    I have spent the past 4 hours (with teatime in between) reading your complete blog and it is inspirational.
    We too are a same-sex couple (female) just starting out on the adoption process - had our initial assessment meeting at home with a social worker - and decided after she left to do some more research on the web and came across your blog.
    A very interesting read from a 1st hand experience.
    Thank you so much for letting us into the road you have taken to becoming Daddies to 2 little boys.
    I will continue to read and wish you all the best for the future with your new family.
    Take care
    B & K

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments B&K, sorry if I took up four hours of your day but pleased it was useful. When you do your prep group training they will make everything sound so negative, but hopefully from the blog you'll take that whilst it's not easy, it's not as bad as all that either! Good luck with your journey, I hope things work out well for you. D