Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Back to work

Well reality had to start sometime soon, and regrettably I had to leave my wonderful family this morning and head off to work. I left at 7 but the boys are up at about 6.30 so I got to see them before I left. They thought it was funny seeing me in a suit and tie - I've lived in jeans/shorts for the last four weeks.

The journey to work was peaceful, I even turned the radio off for a while! I got to work before anyone else this morning, and opening my office door and turning on my PC, it felt like I had never been away, like it had all been a dream. I was daunted with over a thousand emails to deal with, and a new starter to boot, but it wasn't as tough as I had feared. I didn't stop thinking about G and the boys all day though and I called at lunchtime to speak to them.

G decided not to meet up with anyone today as he wanted to overcome his first full day just the three of them, which I thought was brave but sensible. He sounded great at lunchtime which was a great relief - not that I had any doubts about his ability, but more because  neither of us has gone it alone yet, and I know how much we've both enjoyed the half hour break mid morning to get showered shaved and dressed!

I bought them a magazine each at lunchtime to give them when I got home, to show them that I had been thinking of them whilst absent, and I left work a little early to get home in time for dinner together. Breakfast on my own had felt so odd this morning having had every meal as a foursome for the last month!

My welcome home was fantastic, I was greeted by two excited happy little boys at the door, one dressed as Lightning McQueen, both covering me with kisses and telling me that they had missed me.

Mealtime was much less stressful for me having not been there all day, and then I bathed them and read them stories and settled them down, to give G a bit of time out. That could be a good routine I suspect. We'll have to see how it works. Tonight we pushed bedtime back to 7.30. It was 6 at the foster home and they insisted that they had tried to do later but the boys couldn't cope with it, I think that's nonsense as the instant move to 7 didn't phase them and by 7.30 tonight they were still buzzing.

So back to some sort of normality, but what an incentive to get home at night - it was lovely!


  1. Hey guys i have been reading bout your blog last few days and have learn so much that i cannot thank enough.....

    1. Thanks for your comment and glad it's been of use to you - good luck with your own journey!

  2. Such a great blog. This is really helping me to understand the process, the emotional roller coaster and the rewards. Those two little guys are so lucky to have you. I only hope if I am lucky enought to adopt I can offer the same level of love, understanding and emotional intelligence. Thank you so much for sharing.x

    1. Thanks Anon for your kind words, I am pleased you've been enjoying the blog. Sounds like you're on the adoption journey yourself, good luck with that, I hope your dreams come true. x