Monday, 2 April 2012

Adoption review meeting

Just a brief post this evening, as we've just got the boys settled and tonight we have friends coming round for a bottle of wine and to give us some adult company. But I did want to record the fact that we had our first adoption review meeting today, which is a meeting with both the boy's and our social worker, and an independent reviewing officer. There's also meant to be a representative from the education service and the health visitor there, but as it's easter holidays, they couldn't make it!

The meeting was a formal review of how things are going from all angles, and was held at our house. We weren't sure how we would manage that with the boys, but actually they were as good as gold and played with one another for 2 hours whilst we met downstairs.

It was interesting reviewing how the first couple of weeks has gone, and already recording some real developments, particularly for Charlie who has become a lot more independent in terms of toilet and bedtime training.

Everyone seems happy with the way things are going, a number of steps and actions were agreed for our social workers in terms of arranging various documents and appointments, and it was also agreed that there would be no benefit for us in meeting the birth mother as at this stage she is too needy herself and cannot say anything positive about the boys, and she's still very upset that they've been placed with two dads. That's quite a relief as we don't feel we have anything to gain by meeting someone that hasn't even seen the boys for 18 months.

The next review meeting will be in June, when we will discuss whether the time is right to apply for the court order. Fortunately the part of that process where birth mother can attend, is part that we don't have to go to, so we should have no reason to ever see her.

We rewarded the boys for their good behaviour whilst we had our meeting, with their choice of outing this afternoon. Alas they chose soft play, but at least we found a nicer soft play centre to go to.

Once again they've been a delight today, and we're on our fourth consecutive dry pants day for Charlie, so I think we're getting somewhere there too!

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  1. I have loved reading about your adoption. It is amazing and sounds as if things are going well. They are 2 lucky little boys. There is so much love to enjoy when you are responsible for children.