Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Are they testing or are we tired?

Had a great night with our friends last night, which resulted in our latest night yet, nearly 1am when we crawled in to bed. I hope we hadn't bored them with talk of the children too much!

So I don't know if it was tiredness and intolerance, but Joe and Charlie, particularly Charlie, seemed to be really testing today. Nothing major, and just normal 4 year old stuff, but I do feel as though I've spent all day today telling him off, and I'm a bit frustrated at myself because I did find myself raising my voice a couple of times, which I was hoping to avoid, but sometimes, when you're telling him not to do the same thing for the 15th time, and he's just looking at you with that 'Yeah and?!' face, it does become frustrating. I am sure every parent will know what I'm saying!

Not helped by the fact that we decided to have a day indoors today - we're trying to have some normal time during this initial period, not giving the impression that we always go out to special places, and both kids asked this morning where we would be going today, so we took that as a queue to go no where. G played play dough for a good hour this morning, and I did a couple of hours of baking this afternoon (we made a cake and some ginger biscuits).

G is doing bath time as I write this, and I can hear the giggles coming up the stairs from the bathroom - it's great to hear, and a nice reminder that even after a day when I've been a bit crotchety - they really are still very lovely!

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