Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Our family is complete

We two are now four! As I type this blog update, our two gorgeous little boys are tucked up in bed, exhausted after a big day in all our lives.

Their social worker arrived at the foster carers house at 930, we drove over popping into Sainsbury's for some last minute bits on the way, and we were scheduled to arrive at 10am. We got there 15 minutes early so parked around the corner, in the same place we waited when we were 15 minutes early for our first introduction session!

We both felt emotional, but not nervous this morning. We were desperate to get our boys, but mindful of how tough it would be for them leaving their foster carers of 2.5 years, and how tough that would be for the carers too.

Nerves took the better of G who drove up the road to find a discrete place to pass .... the time of day, and then it was time to drive down to the fc's. Any nerves soon passed in to hysterical laughter for me, when G realised he had trodden in something most unpleasant - of all the times! Once I stopped crying with giggles, we knocked on the door. The boys were fairly hyper and pleased to see us. We gave them some little gifts to give to the foster carers, and we handed over a card. We then gathered their overnight bags which were all that was left of their belongings, before saying goodbyes and heading off to the car. The whole thing was over in 10 minutes, and surprisingly, no tears.

We had planned a quiet day in the house, but when we got in the car Joe asked if we could go somewhere special today, as it was a special day. How could we resist, we asked what they would like to do and they asked if they could go back to the soft play centre we visited at the weekend. So, we got home, unpacked the last of their belongings, played games and then had lunch. After lunch we played a bit more (cars - it's the only thing we play......) and then we headed down to soft play, where they were far more interested in driving round in sit on cars that were out for the little ones, than they were actually using the soft play equipment we had paid for.

We came back home and watched a DVD (the same one we've watched four times since Friday), whilst G made dinner.

We had a special cake with sparklers to celebrate our 'forever family' and then we told the boys they could play for a bit before bath time, to which Joe replied 'can't we just have a bath now?' Surely these are the only boys that would prefer to bath than play or watch TV!? In fact they had both stripped off before I even had the plug in the bath. We had a long bath time, enjoying lots of giggles, we washed their hair, then dried them and got them in their PJs.

We sat and had cuddle time in front of In the Night Garden - whatever the hell that's all about, before a bedtime story and cuddle, and settle down by 7.

We were both amazed at their lack of emotion today, which isn't necessarily a good thing. I suspect it's got to come out at some point. They know this is their new home and we've talked about being a family for ever and ever and ever, but they have also asked if J & P can come on holiday with us this summer. So I am not sure how much has sunk in as yet.

I do however know, that we have two very loveable little boys, and it pains me to think of what they have gone through so far in their little lives. I only hope that G and I can meet the expectations of our supporters, we are certainly going to do our very best by them.

Exhausted but happy - and looking forward to another adventure tomorrow!

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