Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Day two of family life.....

We had another great day today. We woke up to the gentle sound of the boys singing in their respective rooms, and left them there until 7 whist we enjoyed a cup of tea in bed.

We woke them and Joe immediately wanted to play with his cars. After the breakfast routine we washed them and dressed them, sneaking in some of our choices of new clothes we have been stock piling, the start of the phasing out of their foster wardrobe!!

We played around the house most of the morning. We let the boys run riot a bit yesterday as it wasn't the day for rules and moaning, but we agreed last night that today we had to start how we mean to carry on. That included some time out for Charlie who sometimes really knows how to push the buttons. The trouble is he has such a cute sulk it's hard to be cross with him. That was a downfall yesterday at soft play when he playing around one of those vending machines that dispenses a crap bit of plastic in exchange for a shiny £2 coin. I said no, not wanting him to get everything in his sights, he pulled the sulk which I ignored, only to have another mother nearby fall for it, and put her own money in and get him one. I wasn't particularly impressed, although as I am now in 'the club' I'm allowed to judge other people's parenting, and listening to her 'delightful daughter' I wasn't entirely surprised!

The postman bought 'welcome to the family' cards from Grandma and Grandad, and some books from our next door neighbour.

We drove down to the seafront where we spent three hours in a mixture of playgrounds, on the beach and at the volleyball centre where we had lunch. Joe briefly mentioned J & P for the first time, saying that he was missing them. I offered a cuddle but instead he had a complete melt down over the concept of sharing a digger he had already borrowed from another child, with his younger brother. It took some calming, mixing some discipline about sharing with some calm reassurance about his world. It did involve my first moment of feeling that others were judging my child/parenting however, as I carried him off screaming!

That short moment aside, we had a wonderful few hours and the boys played wonderfully, and enjoyed an ice-cream too!

Back home and we played, did dressing up (cue a very cute moment as Charlie found the bumble bee outfit), and then we had dinner together and did our already familiar bath time bedtime routine. The boys went to bed at 6 at the foster carers, who said that they couldn't keep them up later as they just got too tired. That won't work for us as I will never see them by the time I get back from work, so we're trying to extend it out a bit. We're also preparing for the clock change this weekend. 7pm seemed just fine this evening, which is a much more achievable target.

All in all another great day. Topped off by the news that two other couples from our adoption prep group also passed approval panel today - if you're reading - congratulations guys, we are chuffed to bits for you!

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