Thursday, 22 March 2012

Day three - The Zoo

Another good night, the boys both got 12 hours sleep, and we probably had about 9. But still we're exhausted.

After a playtime following the morning routine, we packed up a picnic lunch and headed off to the zoo for the day. Children always ask things at the wrong time don't they, in the car on the way to the zoo we got two little cries for help today, both from Joe. One was a comment that he was missing J & P today, so we promised him a phone call later. And then we say a football pitch and he randomly said, 'My old mum and dad didn't take me there. They never took us places and they were very mean.' That's the first mention of them in the two weeks that we've known the boys. I promised him that we would never be mean to them and I said I was sorry that they had been. He simply said 'You don't have to say sorry daddy, it wasn't your fault.' I told him it wasn't his fault either, and the he changed the subject. It's a good reminder that even though he's outwardly very brave, it's all going on in there, and I certainly think he's a little out of sorts today.

We had a manic time at the zoo, the kids weren't all that interested in the animals, but the obsessed with every little machine that took money and I am not entirely sure that they believed me when I said I didn't have any. We started to get a little frustrated that we had £60 for a family ticket and they didn't really show any interest, but then we reminded ourselves that perhaps we were expecting them to like what we liked, and we were forgetting that they were excited little boys.

Never fear, there was a great play park at the end, which they loved and spent a couple of hours wearing themselves out in. I think Joe is desperate for friends having left school behind, the last two days he's really palled up with a random child in the park and he's played really well, and come back to tell me that it's his new best friend. I think he'll do well when he settles in to his new school.

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