Friday, 30 March 2012

Meet the grandparents - part one

Today we took the boys to meet Grandma and Grandad for the first time. Following the advice of the social workers we did so for a limited time on neutral territory, so we opted for a lunch out in a country pub. I was both nervous and excited as we haven't introduced them to anyone yet, and I suspect Grandma and Grandad felt the same.

We drove an hour to meet them, the longest we've had them in the car and I wasn't looking forward to the journey, but they both fell asleep - and G and I had the longest conversation we've had for three weeks!

Grandma and Grandad had been briefed not to be huggy on arrival and to offer out their hands. We also felt that the formality of a table helped to give us some structure. The meeting was a great success and I think everyone loved each other. I had a teary eye moment when Charlie told Grandma that we were a happy family now, and also when the waitress came over to tell the children how beautiful they looked and how well behaved they had been, sitting politely at the table and eating all their food. I know that's not our training, but it still makes me proud.

The boys went to Grandma (who amazes me with how brilliant she is with children) in their own time and enjoyed sitting on her lap to do some cuddling. I suspect Grandma enjoyed it even more!

Thanks to a gift from Grandma, I got to make my first Lego model for many years tonight, I suspect it will be the first of many!

The boys have been great company today and really made me proud. They also looked beautiful in the new polo shirts my mum had purchased before introductions, which were modelled for the first time today for her benefit.

As an aside, I've been astounded once again at the response to the blog and to our journey so far. I started this blog for my family and as a record of what we were doing so that one day I could perhaps reflect with the boys on their first year with us. I've now had over 10,500 visitors and received countless messages, some from people I don't even know, offering support and wishing us well. I received one message in particular this evening that really touched me, thanking us both for what we have done for these boys and saying how great we are. It really doesn't feel like that though, quite the reverse, I feel blessed by the gift of these two amazing little guys, that even after three weeks I love more than I could have ever imagined, and I can't help but stare at them sometimes, wondering what they have experienced in their little lives so far, and thinking about what the future may hold for us all. Yes I'm knackered, yes I have moments of frustration and yes I already relish the short burst of adult time I get, but at the end of the day I am excited every morning about going in to their rooms to see their beaming faces and get their hugs, and I can't quite imagine how I am going to cope returning to work and not being with them all day. We didn't start this journey to be martyrs, we wanted desperately to be parents, and I am thankful at the chance to do our best by these two amazing little guys that truly deserve a chance to grow and thrive.

But thanks for the continued wishes, cards, gifts, emails and messages all of which have really inspired us and given us strength.

Now, it's Friday evening and I hear the drinks cupboard calling.....


  1. Just about to start introductions in a week and so thankful we found your blog! Awesome blog, anxiety levels a little lower now ! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks for your comment! Good luck with introductions - they are exhausting, plan in some down time too! D