Sunday, 18 March 2012

Day 10 of introductions

This morning started with me awake at 6am, excited about waking the boys up! So much for sleepless nights, they slept solidly from the moment we put them down. We had a cup of tea in bed and listened to the sound of them both singing away in their respective rooms, and at 7 we went in to tell them it was fine to get up. They've been well trained! Joe's door is a little bit stiff and he told me he had tried to get out to go to the bathroom but his door was locked. It broke my heart, and I had to reassure him that we would never lock his door, and I showed him the problem. Papa reassured him that he would fix the door tomorrow, and that he should never be worried that we would lock him in his room.

It's moments like that which remind you of the demons of his past life.

We had milk and a bit of cbeebies before eating breakfast and then doing the morning wash and dressing routine, which we think we're getting the hang of!

We decided to keep the boys in all today, just making our home more familiar to them. They want to play with us a lot at the moment, and the social worker said we should encourage this as it's great for bonding, so we pretty much spent the morning playing, painting or tickling!

At one point Joe had a magnetic doodle board which he was playing with. I wrote the boys names on there, and he wrote Daddy and Papa. He then asked me how to write 'live happily ever after, forever and ever' which was a real lump in the throat moment.

G led a great arts and crafts session whilst I made a start on the roast, we've already got a kitchen full of paintings and sticker pictures. Mid morning I made a snack - we're thinking we'll try and stick to the healthy diet the kids are used to, so I gave them a bowl of fruit, and then sent them up to play whilst G and I sneaked out the back door with our contraband chocolate cookies to eat whilst they weren't looking!

G had to do 'time out' with Charlie once, but other than that we were incident free again today. We sat down and had our first roast lunch together, which they ate and thoroughly enjoyed. After lunch we did more playing before it was time to pack up and return them to their foster carers.

After a quick debrief with the foster carers, we went in to talk to the boys to tell them that we wouldn't be seeing them tomorrow but that we would miss them terribly, think about them lots and phone them before bed time. We told them we would love them forever and ever and ever, a mantra we're trying to instil in them, and then kissed them goodbye.

I wasn't sure how this weekend would go, but in the end, the only thing that felt remotely strange about the whole weekend, was having to leave them with their foster carers this afternoon.

Tuesday is move day - tomorrow is final room preps and shopping for clothes day!

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  1. Reading your blogs made me go and look at ours - so very similar in things that were done - obviously a process that works!

    Happy Shopping!!