Saturday, 17 March 2012

Day 9 of introductions - an overnight stay

As I type this blog post, I am pleased to report that our two sons are safely tucked up into their new beds, and drifting off to sleep (I hope!).

We've had another great day today - although Daddy & Papa have set a rule that we aren't allowed to go to bed for at least an hour after the children - I am not sure we'll make that tonight!!

We picked the boys up at 10am, they were excited to see us, and we got them straight into the car, along with a suitcase each of clothes and night time teddies.

Our first stop on the way home was Next, neither of the boys have slippers and with our wooden floors there were a few skids and slides yesterday. We purchased some lightning McQueen and Thomas the Tank Engine slippers, and the braved our first trip to a coffee shop with them. Don't worry, we didn't order them a coffee, well, only a decaf....

We nearly bumped in to the boys new cousins, who subtly walked on by as we're not supposed to introduce any other relatives just yet!

I said to G, see, "we can still enjoy our Saturday morning Starbucks," but I have to admit, it wasn't quite as relaxing as it used to be!

We got home and played for an hour or so. The social worker told us that for the next few weeks we have to play with them lots, it really helps the bonding. I made lunch which we enjoyed together. Enforcing healthy eating for the children is already paying dividends, I've lost 4lb this week!

After lunch the boys helped me to mix up a dough for the pizzas we were going to make together later and then after a bit more playing, we braved our first trip to the softplay hell adventure playground. The boys ran and climbed and kicked footballs for an hour and a half and had a whale of a time. G and I played too, and G, the most reluctant footballer ever there was, ended up going in goal for Joe whilst Charlie and I hit the climbing frames. After a while Joe came back to play with Charlie and I, and I wondered where G was. I have to admit to laughing hysterically when I went back to discover him still in goal for about 14 other children, none of whom were ours!

After soft play we bought them back home and made our pizzas. G enjoyed a bit of cuddle time in front of CBeebies whilst the pizzas cooked, and then, after a meal which seemed to take an age to eat, we had treats for being such good boys all day, with no wet pants, and then put them both in the bath. They aren't used to having bath times together and they laughed away having great fun, getting G and I as wet as them along the way.

After bath time, we put them in their PJs. I went to read Joe a story, but when G offered Charlie a story he said he was too tired, and snuggled down in his new big boy bed. I think that's the sign that we've done enough to get a full nights sleep - let's hope so.

The boys haven't really mentioned the foster carers today, and have been really well behaved. We too are getting more in to the swing of things, we are already starting to learn what works and what to let go and what to pick up on. We're also getting used to going no where without a bag of tricks and a pile of wet wipes and tissues.

We are both exhausted but very happy tonight, so I'm going to finish blogging so I can enjoy a sneaky dark rum before G falls asleep on the sofa.

Night night!

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