Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sent to the head-teacher's office....

Yesterday we went over to the school that the eldest of the boys attends, he's currently in year one. It was a great opportunity to meet with his current head, and find out a bit more about how he is doing at school.

The thing that was immediately obvious, is that he is very fondly thought of! She described as being a 'dot of a child, full of love, fun and energy' which is starting to be quite a consistent message in all that we are told and read about him. She told us that we were going to have our work cut out as he's apparently always on the go and he's into everything. She said he was fairly carefree and liked the attention and affection of adults and plays well with his class mates. She said that he managed the transition to year 1 from reception well and seemed to benefit from the more structured regime. He's got some additional needs, he currently gets an hour a day of classroom based support which he really benefits from, but bearing in mind his start in life, and the fact that he's the youngest in his year (July birthday) she said that's to be expected and he is certainly keen, and is making progress. So that's all really positive.

It was strange to be sat in the school office, with lots of children running past the window up and down the corridor, we couldn't help but stare out of the window in case he was looking in - odd to be so close to him and still not meet him.

This week we've also had the feedback on our PAR from the panel adviser and that was all quite positive. We've also had some good news in that he's been accepted into the school that we want him to attend. That's a huge relief as he's joining part way through a year and technically the school is full, so it wasn't straight forward, but fortunately the governors were sympathetic to our case. It felt like quite a success, probably because it's actually the first decision we've been able to make about his life, so we feel like we've already achieved something.

And finally, on Friday evening we traded in G's van for the sensible family car! Right, these children's rooms aren't going to decorate themselves, better get on with it!!


  1. Your story is very encouraging as my partner and I have just started our journey, we look forward to reading your continuing story.

    1. Thanks for your message and the very best of luck on your own journey. My best advise at this stage, is to relax into the process and go with it. You will be asked strange questions that you can't see the relevance of, but the process is what it is, and you won't change it alone, so best to just relax and be frank rather than try to fight it - you'll find your journey is much less bumpy that way! Good luck! x

  2. Thanks for the advice although the process is very slow each step is very exciting we are just waiting to be allocated a SW, hopefully not to long waiting. Mak & phb Leeds