Sunday, 22 January 2012

Foster carer meeting

A quick note to say that on Friday, we had another chance to meet the foster carers, this time at their home whilst the boys were both out. This was a great chance to chat informally to them about the boys, the plans for introductions, and to find out a bit more about their likes and dislikes ahead of introductions. It was also great to see more photos, read a bit of their life story books, see what toys and things they will be bringing with them, and see some of their artwork.

The foster carers are really friendly, and we feel sure this will help us with settling the boys, and they were also keen to find out much more about us in order to start drip feeding information to the boys.

A really lovely couple of hours, and again, a strange experience, spending time in the boy's environment, knowing that as yet, they know nothing about us!

Only four weeks to go now until panel, and there still seems so much to do to prepare the house and their rooms.

This afternoon was a New Family Social meeting - the next one will be the week the boys arrive so we won't be there, but then the next one we'll be taking them with us - all seems very strange and very exciting!

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