Friday, 6 January 2012

References and planning meeting

Happy new year! We've started the new year in full swing - it's now less that 7 weeks until we go to panel for matching and approval. We did a trip to Ikea last week and bought most of the shop and now it's time to start getting two little boys bedrooms ready!

Our social worker has interviewed three of our referees this week - that's been a strangely emotional experience for all concerned - they were all very nervous but from the sounds of it, all said wonderfully lovely things (thank you all!) and our social worker this afternoon commented that it was very clear that our little boys would be joining a very loving, and strong family and friendship group, who all seemed very excited to be welcoming them, and very prepared to offer us lots of support.

We met this afternoon with our social worker and one of the adoption managers. We talked through some panel prep questions - they were thinking of the tougher questions that we may be asked and seeing how we coped with them - I think we passed! We then started to look at the proposal for our introductions - and this was very exciting!

They have prepared a detailed programme for introducing us to the boys. It takes place over 16 days, and in that time there are three overnight stays. If all goes to plan, the boys will finally move in on the 20th March. And our first full day with them is on my birthday - I really couldn't ask for a nicer birthday present than that!

I can't describe how exciting it all feels now, but still seems so strange that so far, they know nothing about any of this!

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