Sunday, 9 December 2012

Week 39

A few highlights this week. On Monday we were visited by friends we made on our prep group, who are currently in the middle of introductions to their new little son. It was great to catch up and share stories.

On Friday we had our formal adoption review. Social services are obliged to carry one out every few months and when the date was set for this one, we didn't actually think it would happen because we should have had the adoption order by now, but of course that hasn't happened, but that's okay as I quite like these meetings. We were joined at home by our Social Worker, the boys Social Worker, two members of staff from the school and an independent reviewing officer.

There was lots of focus on the court process, I think they were worried that we would be going off the rails. In truth, it has felt odd, even though everyone keeps telling us that we have nothing to worry about, it has felt like an emotional couple of weeks. We had some nice feedback from the reviewing officer who is really pleased by the progress we are all making.

On Saturday we made a great escape! Mum and Dad had been visiting since Wednesday, in preparation for G and going off on our own for 24 hours, to celebrate my work Christmas party. I felt nervous leaving the boys, we know so many people who wouldn't get away with it with their adopted children, we have a friend for example who's son packs his bag every time a social worker visits, because he thinks he's being moved on, and another who have had their children for a few years and they still can't go on holiday because their daughter thinks that they have moved house and won't be going back home. Our boys however, were very happy to be left with Grandma and Grandad and waved us away gleefully telling us to have a nice party! We are hoping this is a good indicator of their trust in us.

24 hours on our own was lovely, but I missed the boys and we talked about them constantly, and sod's law dictated that G was poorly, but it did us good nevertheless.

Sunday afternoon saw a party arranged by the parents of Joe's class for them and their children. 40+ children after a heavy night of drinking - how life has changed! The party was great and the boys loved it and were transfixed when Father Christmas arrived. Our first Father Christmas experience - they were excited and I, of course, cried!


  1. I love reading your blog! It's inspiring, to say the least. Paul

    1. That's really kind of you to say, thanks for taking the time to comment! D