Sunday, 29 July 2012

Week 20

Week 20 was a good week! Whether it was the change in the weather, something in the water, or the lack of school I am not too sure, but what ever it was, the boys have been a dream to look after this week! The house has been filled with laughter and everything has felt just a little bit more relaxed.

Charlie was still at nursery this week which gave G a week with Joe to himself, which was really nice as Joe doesn't get so much 121 time being at school. They took each other off to see Ice Age 4 at the cinema which was a real treat for Joe. They also all visited nanny and for a couple of days, my sister and her girls came to visit, which gave G some daytime adult company, and the boys some extra play mates.

Most days last week were spent on the beach, with Joe in particular being alarmingly confident in the water for someone that doesn't swim! They also had a picnic with one of his class mates and more beach playtime with him too.

The weekend was great, Friday evening they met some of our great friends who are visiting from Scotland. They too are going through the adoption process at the moment and we thoroughly enjoyed waxing lyrical about adoption, and giggling about the silly things people say to you when you're adopting (standard three questions being: Do you get to choose your child, What age do you want and can you change their names!). On Saturday we had a lazy day and then in the afternoon we went for a family photo shoot on the beach.

On Sunday I took the boys food shopping in the morning. Half way round, I suddenly realised I couldn't find Charlie. I stayed calm, but it had been long enough for me to really want to find him! Then he emerged from the bakery, happily handing me a loaf of bread. Not just any loaf of bread, but the seeded batch loaf that is our favourite, which he had selected from the shelf, queued at the counter and requested to have sliced! He was surrounded by smitten women telling me how cute he was. He knows how to work a crowd!

Sunday afternoon we had a trip to New Family Social, the same-sex adopters support group. The boys had a fantastic time, the group has really grown and it was wonderful to see many of the couples that joined nervously at the same time as us, now there with their families. Great for the boys who had a ball playing with so many children, and one day, they will start to notice that there are lots of kids there with 2 dads or 2 mums, and I think that will be great for them.

Sunday evening and I have to admit to going to bed with a warm glow, reflecting on what has felt like a very enjoyable week with the children! I wonder how long it will last!

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