Saturday, 28 April 2012

It's oh so quiet....

I am writing this blog entry at 7.30 on a Saturday morning. The children are both quiet in their rooms. Having never got them past about 6.15 on a weekend morning, we've been getting excited all week that slowly they seem to be sleeping a bit later each day, we've had to wake Joe up a couple of times this week, so we went to bed last night with a glimmer of hope that we may get a lie in today. The boys are quiet but of course I've been awake since 6am listening out for them.....

It's been a good few days, despite the boys both being full of cold. Charlie has really settled, we've noticed how improved his speech has been this week, I think lots of time spent just talking with him has been great. Joe's had a good week at school and came home with a reading certificate yesterday.

I got to do the school run yesterday morning and despite being fine all the way there, when we got to the school gate Joe froze and wouldn't let go of my leg. The staff on the gate tried to encourage him in but he was having none of it. I suggested that I walked him around to his playground but they said they would prefer it if I didn't and tried to physically drag him away from me. I soon put a stop to that saying that I wasn't at all happy and that I would be walking him around regardless of what they may prefer! I left him reluctantly but he soon settled down after I left and had a great day. I chatted to his teacher about how he's doing - she says he's generally doing well - he's a bit reluctant to work but will do with plenty of adult attention. He's a bit behind the others on his reading and will probably need some extra help, but that she's not too worried about that given everything that's gone on so far. He can be a bit over keen with other children which scares some of them! But he's sociable and finding his way around. She admitted it's hard for anyone to come in to that class because the children's friendships are so established, but that she feels things will settle down.

It's been a hard week this week in terms of trying to balance everything. I am particularly busy at work at the moment and in other circumstances I would probably have been staying in the office late each night, but I hate not getting home to see them before they go to bed, so it's been a case of leaving, coming home to do bath and bed time, and then coming up to my office to carry on work - which makes for a long and tiring day!

Still, it's now the weekend and we are looking forward to that! This morning's plan is to sit and write some more thank you cards for the many presents that we've been sent (Thank you all!) and then we're off to meet Uncle Rob, Aunty Sheri and cousins Daisy and Harper. The boys can't wait!

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