Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A great couple of days

Just a short entry tonight, to mark the fact that today a parcel arrived from the New Zealand family, which the boys were over the moon with. We've looked at pictures of the kiwi cousins and explained who everyone is, but the photos, letters, card and presents that arrived today were great. However trying to explain why we can't fly over there this weekend to meet them was a bit tricky!

Also, we appear to cracked the eating battle with Charlie back to a normal diet. That's a great relief, I feared my bad handling of it on Sunday may have made things worse, but, as  I think everyone told me at the time, he was probably just under the weather and we're back to business as usual with clear plates at every meal these last two days.

The boys have also been delightful company. I did go in to check on Charlie last night and found him fast asleep in a ball on the floor cushion at the side of his bed - I think he had fallen out and not even woken up!

So now we just need to crack getting them not to wake up at 6am......

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