Monday, 16 April 2012

First day at school

Joe's first words this morning when I went in to him, bleary eyed, were "I'm going to my new school today daddy."

I delayed going in to work today so that we could all go down together. He looked so smart in his new uniform, shirt, tie, school jumper etc. We got through the morning routine in plenty of time, but tomorrow G has to do it solo - which may well make it more efficient!

He was fine all the way to school, it was only when we passed through the gate that he became very shy and clingy. G spoke to his teacher whilst I walked him round to his classroom. Joe may have been shy, Charlie on the hand was running off and joining in with the big kids!

He saw Cameron and Cameron, the two boys he recognised when we went to church on Easter Sunday, which made him happier and he was straight in to a big group of lads to try and play with their toys!

He lined up with his class and went in, he was fine, I cried!

It was weird going off and leaving him, it feels too soon and I didn't like having to trust someone else to take care of him. He's too little!

I was pacing in my office at 3.15 waiting for G to call me to let me know how things had gone. Good news is, all was well. G was shocked that he had managed to completely ruin his new jumper on day one, until he realised he has come home with someone else's jumper on!

I rushed back from work to see him, we had a lovely cuddle, he showed me the sticker he had been given for being good at tidying. I asked him what the  best thing was at school today, to which he answered, without hesitation, "Football at lunchtime." He took packed lunch today but has decided he wants school dinners tomorrow because that's what Cameron and Cameron have!

A pleasant evening meal, with Charlie vomiting his dinner back up on his plate, then bath time, stories and bed.

I wondered when we started adoption, if we would feel the same level of unquestionable love for our child, as birth parents have often told me they feel for their children from the moment they are born. I have never felt truly nervous for someone else like I did last night and today. The lying awake at 5am worried about someone else's first day at school I think reflects the depth of feelings we both feel for our children - I know the answer to the question and I already can't imagine life without them.

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