Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Fun in the sun

Well I've really picked a good time to take 4 weeks off work - the weather continues to be amazing, which is making life so much easier.

We had a busy family day yesterday, we took the boys swimming which was great fun - we've been told swimming is a good bond promoting activity as it involved lots of skin to skin contact and they are reassured that you're there to keep them safe. We then spent the afternoon in the park playing in the sand pit. My previous days feeling of having turned a corner because I wasn't knackered when we got them to bed was short lived - I was in bed by 8.30 again last night, and I don't think it will be too different tonight.

Today I took Joe to spend his first couple of hours at his new school. We went into assembly together and then he went out to playtime. He was a celebrity and was quite overwhelmed at the 20 or 30 children that gathered around him. We sent some of them packing and then he played nicely with a couple of children in the sandpit. I was a bit of a celebrity too, I had numerous children swarming round me telling me how old they were and showing me their gaps in their teeth. What is it with children randomly coming up to you to tell you their age?!

Next we went into the classroom where he sat with a couple of other boys on the carpet and listened attentively to the story. He's certainly far from shy, we had his hand up to answer all the questions. The class seems lovely, although I think primary school teachers deserve a medal.

I left him to do some colouring whilst I went to the school office to talk through a few bits and pieces and sign off some paperwork. At the end of the session he was overwhelmed again, and I think a bit confused that he couldn't stay for lunch. He was very clingy as we walked off to find G who had taken Charlie for a quick look at his nursery and then for a hair cut. Joe saw the hair cut and wanted one too, so I took him, and then we all went to Pizza Express for lunch.

The hairdresser asked who's child was who's and when we said they were both of ours, she seemed embarrassed to have asked Charlie if his mum would approve of his new hair cut! She was fascinated by our adoption and couldn't believe we had only had them for two weeks as they seemed so natural with us both.

After lunch we went to the Library to let the boys choose three books each, then we came home for a bit of tv, some football in the garden, dinner and bath time.

There's been no mention of the foster carers for the last two days. The boys have generally been very cute and loving - Charlie's latest saying is 'I love you to bits - for ever and ever!'

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