Saturday, 10 March 2012

Day two of introductions

It was a lot easier driving over to see the boys today, no nerves, just lots of excitement!

On this blog I haven't used names at all, to protect the security of the family, but I can't refer to them generically for ever, so I am going to give them made up names, for the sake of the blog. So from here on in, our eldest I'll refer to as Joe, and our youngest as Charlie.

Joe and Charlie ran straight to the door when we got there, asking 'Daddy, Papa, can we go to the park today please!'

They took us straight to their playroom when we arrived and we started playing games straight away. After a short while Charlie needed the toilet, so I took him, and did my first bottom wipe ;-) A little later Joe asked Papa to take him to the toilet, and this was actually a big relief as in the past, he's been reluctant to have anyone other that his foster carer do anything intimate, and she had been worried that he may not want to go to the toilet with us, but that fear was soon allayed.

After a few more games, we packed up and tidied away (the boys have been very well trained by foster carer - they love tidying up and tidy each game before they start the next - that will really help my OCD tendencies ;-) ) and then we set off to the park.

Foster carers have a people carrier so we all went in one car. Joe was desperate to sit on the back row with me. Along the way he found a freckle on my hand, and then started exploring my arms for freckles. This level of close contact is incredibly important for bonding, and we didn't expect to get it so soon, it's good stuff.

When we got to the park, the foster carers went off for a walk, leaving me and Papa to look after the boys. Joe is full of beans and loves to run, Charlie has less energy and runs less but they were fearless on the activities and loved the attention they were getting. I have to admit to being really very proud every time I heard Joe shout "Daddy, look at me" across the park, for everyone to hear!

We also used today as a chance to take it turn to play with the children, or sit and chat to the foster carers. We only have a week to absorb as much information as we can, and we also don't want the boys to think that they will always have undivided attention of the both of us.

We headed home, this time with Papa with Joe and me with Charlie, who became obsessed with my watch, taking time to take it off and put it back on again - again great close contact stuff, all good for bonding.

When we got home we played a few more games and then I prepared lunch for everyone. This was the start of a signal to the boys that we can provide for them, so we all took great care to exaggerate how lovely the sandwiches were that Daddy had made for everyone.

They have a great appetite and great table manners, politely asking if they could start and if they could get down from the table at the end.

After lunch we were aware that we were half an hour over our allotted time, so we just took 10 minutes to have a calm cuddle and another look through the photo album. Joe won't look at his album without also having the cuddly toys that we had sent with them!

Once again, a very positive visit today - we can't believe our luck. We are aware we are not through it yet and whilst at the moment the boys are very excited about us and about seeing their new house, I am not sure that they have really realised that they will also be saying good bye to the foster carers that have looked after them for so long.

We stopped off on the way home to stock up on kid's toiletries, tissues and wet wipes - is it okay to mention that I was actually quite excited putting all of that through the checkout too!?

A slightly longer visit tomorrow, 11 till 3, and we're all heading out to lunch together. Cannot wait!!

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  1. like the pseudonyms - we used Ronnie & Reggie for ours - as they are twins!

    Have sat here with Tom watching me, and we have explained that you are adopting the 2 brothers. He thinks it's lovely that some other children get the chance to have forever daddies.