Friday, 23 September 2011

Our first home visit

We've had a busy week, and on Sunday we had a group of 'adoption friends' round for lunch! A mixture of people met at different places, but all in the same boat, and that was really lovely. It was good to be able to chat, laugh and mickey take about things that we all really understand.

We also got all of our forms and documents completed and posted off for the first round of checks, and I've started my chronological life history (G is putting his off I think!) whereby I have to list the key events of my life, accounting for what I was doing for every year since I was born. That was actually quite tricky, but quite an interesting exercise to complete!

And today was our first home visit. I felt a lot more relaxed today, having already met our SW and realising she was human, and being on our own territory, made it feel quite laid back.

She was with us for a couple of hours, and eased us in gently with a session looking at our support networks. This essentially entailed us listing all of the people we are close to and see regularly, and then discussing whether we feel we would get practical and/or emotional assistance from them. We looked specifically at our relationships with parents and siblings and talk through some of our child care experience.

Our SW seems to be organised, she's got a clear plan of what she wants to get through each week and she's going to set us some work to do in between sessions so that we keep on track. She seems keen to keep the sessions practical and informative.

Today felt very comfortable, she did warn us however that they would become more challenging as we progress through the subject matter!

Next week we're looking at education, employment and our own home environment. We've got to seek out all our education certificates and write about our careers and how we've made the decisions that we have along the way.

All of this is quite a test of the old memory - which is certainly challenging!

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