Thursday, 29 September 2011

Home visit number 2

We had our second home visit assessment today. Felt much more relaxed this time round!

A nice session exploring our education, our attitudes towards education, our inherited work ethics, our parents approach to work, our own work attitudes and our work history to date. We also looked at our finances and our ability to afford to raise a child/children.

We also looked at an actual statement of special educational needs to see what sort of information is included and to discuss how we would approach a statemented child.

We have a break next week as we're away and then the following week Gary has a session on his own. We have some homework to do in the meantime and it looks as though the reference checking will be starting shortly too.

Some interesting figures in the press today about the increasing number of children in care, and the decreasing number of potential adopters coming forward.

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