Tuesday, 16 August 2011


After a couple of nervous weeks of waiting (when all other members of our prep group already appeared to have heard!) we finally got an email on Friday confirming that we have been allocated a social worker! This is exciting news as it means we can now start the next stage of the journey – the home visits! We’ll have between 10 and 15 of these, and everyone has warned us that they are very demanding! Our first meeting isn’t until the 13th September unfortunately, it’s a pain having to wait another month but I guess we’re probably working around holidays now.

Last night we met up for a drink with one of the couples from the prep group. It was so lovely to catch up with what felt like old friends, and we were delighted to learn that they’ve been allocated the same social worker as us, which I think is great news as we really will be able to share the experience.

So probably not too much to say on here now until our first meeting with our worker next month – plenty of time until then to really build the nerves!!

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