Sunday, 24 July 2011

We've posted our learning logs!

Well, it's taken us all week, but we've finally finished writing our learning logs from the training course last week, and we have emailed them in to the Adoption Manager at the council. Armed with those, she will now assign us our social worker and then home visits can begin.

Of course we are desperate to start the visits next week, but I suspect being August next week, we'll end up  having to wait until after the school holidays. I know that's not long, but at this stage every little delay seems frustrating as it's hard to get the whole thing out of our minds, it's there all the time so we just want to feel like we're making progress.

As I have been typing this blog entry, I've just received an out of office reply from the Adoption Manager, so we'll have to wait until Wednesday before she receives our email.

Oh well, fingers crossed!

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