Saturday, 28 May 2011

Holidays, no updates and a moving video clip

Lots of people have been asking how we're getting on. In truth, there's nothing to say at this stage, we're at the frustrating point of waiting for the prep course, so since we were accepted on to that a couple of months, noting happens! We got all our joining instructions through this week though, so that was a moment of excitement!

So next week G and I are off on what we ironically hope will be, our last big relaxing holiday for a while! We've enjoyed some great world wide trips over the last few years, and we know that if we're successful with our adoption, holidays will change in the future, so we thought we would do one last big one in style!

A friend posted this You Tube clip on another forum this week, and I thought it was really moving. If that's the support they get in deepest darkest Texas, I am fairly hopeful for liberal Brighton!

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