Friday, 15 April 2011

Adoption information day

Today was the adoption information day that our social worker had suggested we attend.

We were quite excited as really until the course starts at the end of June, today was really the only thing in the diary. It was however not a very eventful morning, as to be honest I think we were probably further through the process than any of the others in the room. There were a lot of couples there, but they were all making their initial enquiries, we were the only people already accepted on to the course.

It was a chance to chat to some adoptive parents about their experiences, but again because we've been going to the support groups since January, this isn't really anything new to us, so I think we had less to gain than others who hadn't yet had a proper conversation with people that have experienced it all.

Nevertheless, we did chat to a nice chap who adopted a little boy with his wife about 5 years ago. He was very positive and reassuring, and told us not to get too worried about everything they tell you on the course, he said they have to prepare you for the worst but that hadn't been their experience at all. He also said he shot through the home visit appointments as his employer was very flexible about time off, so they managed to fit them in one a week and got through them all in a couple of months, so that was quite reassuring.

His main advise was don't decorate your house and by cheap things that can be broken. Funny, everyone seems to be concerned about the trail of destruction!!

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