Monday, 7 January 2013

A great result at court!

Just a short post to say that we heard today that things went our way at court. Birth mother's request to appeal was rejected by the judge, and the adoption order will be granted on Monday. That's the legal process that makes the boys ours forever!

The ceremonial part is the celebration court hearing which has been set for the 14th February. We met our boys on my birthday, and our forever family day will be the greatest festival of love. Seems appropriate.

The pressure of this has been underlying for a couple of months, and I felt a great sense of relief when the social worker called with the news.

The current chapter of our journey is nearly at end!


  1. Hi there, I would just like to say that although I have never left a comment before I have been reading your blog since the very start, my husband and I began looking into adoption just around the same time that you two began your journey and I found your blog when looking for information on adoption. Your blog has been wonderful reading, you have been an inspiration. You have shown us just how amazing adoption can be and for that we are truly grateful.I just wanted to wish the two of you and your two boys a very happy, loving and adventure filled future and I hope that soon you get to have your big family celebration day in court :) best wishes for the future...Jenny.

  2. Jenny that's really kind. As it happens we had our big day in court today, I'll be writing about that over the weekend!
    I hope you and your husband have success too, and thanks for your kind words, I really do appreciate them!