Saturday, 22 December 2012

Week 41

Excitement has already started to reach fever pitch, and there are still three sleeps to go to the big ho ho ho!

Our two exhausted little boys have survived their last week of term, which featured more Christmas parties, a Christmas lunch and lots of festive arts and crafts. 

I chased up the boys social worker on Tuesday to find out what was happening with the court case now that she missed the deadline, only to be told that she has put a handwritten note in this week, claiming that it is late because she had been poorly with her asthma, and the court are going to let her submit this. It infuriates me, had we missed a deadline we would have known about it! And how ill do you have to be to miss a deadline if you really wanted your children back! Anyway, the only things she's stated is that a) she objects to us because we're a same sex couple, and b) her situation has changed because she's now moved house. Well that really reassures me that we have nothing to fear, a) the law allows same sex couples to adopt without discrimination and b) a house move hardly makes you an improved person, they were moved one when the boys were with her and the treatment of them made no improvement at all. So it's back to court on the 7th January and we assume her application to appeal will be dismissed and then we can get on with it

Today we took the boys to a very special meeting with Father Christmas. It was a victorian themed Santa, at a local stately home and the event was very special. The boys were in awe and so excited. Tomorrow it's a round of open houses for us all and then Christmas eve we're dressing them up as a Shepherd and a donkey for the crib service!

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