Sunday, 24 June 2012

Week 15

It's been another generally good week with the boys. G has felt more relaxed each night that I've arrived home and feels as though he's mastered Charlie a lot more. It's been a busy week at work but I've bought a laptop now so that I can still leave early enough to get home for bath time, but can then work on the sofa in the evening meaning I don't feel locked away from G.

Charlie met his new teacher on Tuesday, she came to visit his nursery. We now just need to decide whether we want him to start big school part of full time in September. On Thursday the boys were visited by their social worker. Shortly afterwards Joe said he was feeling poorly and asked to go to bed instead of having dinner. I wasn't sure if the social worker visit had unsettled him, but the three am wake up call on Friday morning to clear up a vomit filled bed, soon let his social worker off the hook. I do feel that's another parenting stripe earned though!

We kept Joe at home on Friday and he slept most of the morning, having been sick several more times. I know it's wrong, because I hate to seem him suffering, but I did like how cuddly and affectionate it made him, I felt good being able to take care of him in that way. We had Charlie's nursery review with the social worker. He seems to be doing well and is on target in most of the development areas, most pleasingly on speech and language which had been the most significant doubt on the pre adoption paperwork we had seen. She did comment that he likes to play to his own agenda, and on reflection I think that the same is true of Joe too.

Joe's had a busy weekend, football yesterday morning, a disco birthday party yesterday afternoon and a football party this morning. Watching his interaction with his class mates can be quite painful, and it's definitely true that he plays to his own agenda, it's like he's currently still playing alongside them rather than with them, and he will often prefer to come and cuddle his dad or papa. He is however very caring, he was quick to put his arm the shoulder of a boy that got hurt and he gave his ice lolly up to a girl that didn't have one.

Having read last weeks blog entry again this evening, where I was stating that I feel we're relaxing now, I don't feel I've done very well with that today. In fairness I've been feeling knackered today and a bit off colour, but Charlie has done a great job of winding me up all day. I think G has learnt to keep his cool much better than me, I find myself getting wound up and being louder than I would care to be. I think he has definitely got the better of me today. Nevertheless it's been a good day, Charlie enjoyed his first trip to Nanny's house whilst Joe was at his party, and we've played a few games with them this afternoon in an attempt to start to encourage to teach them about rules and playing with people. I feel that in foster care there's not been much of that and this could well be why they are struggling with the concept of other people being involved in their fun!

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