Saturday, 7 April 2012

Good Friday - Easter Saturday

We've had a nice couple of days, if a little testing at times. We've not been up to that much, a trip to the marina yesterday, a trip to the park today, but we've bumped into a few friends along the way, and yesterday in particular, we met up with a couple of good friends and their children. We've all known each other since school days, and to see our children playing with theirs was very special, I hope they will grow to be good friends. Joe for one has asked about his new friend Jasper several times, yesterday saying he loved him. Albeit Jasper did have a cool skateboard that Joe took quite a shine to, he's easily bought!

Charlie is the one that's testing us at the moment. All small things, and all to be expected from any four year old, let alone one that's experienced the turmoil he has in recent weeks, but the frustrating thing is, he doesn't seem to take being told off seriously. With Joe, he rarely puts a foot wrong, and if he does and you tell him off, you can see the genuine angst and he gets very upset and apologetic. With Charlie it seems to go over his head, and he doesn't really listen to what you tell him. He's also in to everything, and his mind seems to work at double speed, so he's asking you questions constantly, none of which has anything to do with the previous question. He's gorgeous, and he only has to say one cute little thing for you to melt, but at times his button pressing really does become hard to manage, and we are both finding ourselves getting cross with him, and then annoyed with how we've handled it.

We also nearly lost Joe today, we were stood waiting to cross the road and he just stood out, narrowly missing a car, I am not sure who was more shaken, him, us or the driver of the car. Perhaps it will have taught him a valuable lesson?

We are definitely finding our feet and rhythm a bit, but of course all that changes on Tuesday when I sadly have to end my paternity leave, and then again the following week when Joe starts school. I think tired but deliriously happy, and sometimes frustrated sums up life!

Another adult night tonight though, boys are now down for the night and we have friends on their way for curry. When you're on an 8 week ban from going away or having other people in the house, and probably a 4 - 6 month on using babysitters, friends coming to visit after the boys bedtime is very welcome indeed!

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