Saturday, 21 April 2012

The end of a big week

Both boys have faced a big week this week, with Joe starting school and Charlie nursery. I am constantly amazed by how well they cope with such big things, especially given the general state of flux that they've been in for so long now. All appears to be going well, they both tell us they love their new schools and the reports we are getting back appear to be positive.

Every evening this week I've asked Joe what he did at school today and every time he's replied, not much. When we got the weekly news sheet home on Friday, it turns out that they had been to church on Monday, done an olympic torch relay in the street on Tuesday, had road safety training on Wednesday and a special assembly on Thursday. Not much then.

Charlie seems to be melting hearts wherever he goes - he has all the women at nursery cooing over him.

This week we've had meetings with both our social worker and the boy's social worker. She continues to be very happy and amazed at their progress. She said that previously when she's asked Joe how things are he's replied 'fantastic' whereas this week he said 'okay' which she takes as a positive sign, that he's being real now and getting in to a routine. She gave us some good ideas to try with Charlie when he's not eating up, we're trying everything she suggested so fingers crossed. She was also impressed at Charlie's speech - he has some speech delay but she said that when she met him for the first time in February, she documented that she couldn't understand any of his words, whereas this week she understood everything - so that's a good indicator of improvement.

We had friends to visit last night, I still haven't learned to have an early night and lay off the wine, I got to bed at about 1.30 and was woken up by Joe stroking my face at 6.55 this morning. I took a bit of a lead today to let G have a bit of a break. I took the boys off swimming this morning - supervising two in the pool is a bit of a nightmare, then we all went for lunch with Uncle Steve and Aunty Gemma for their first meeting, and then we had some downtime at home, dinner, bath and I've just got them to bed. G is full of cold today and has spent most of the afternoon in bed, so I've built up some daddy credits! I managed to break my toe on Thursday and it's the most painful experience I've ever had. Well, that was until Charlie then stood on said toe yesterday. Walking is slow and painful, so between us we're doing well!

A friend asked last night if it was everything I was expecting. In most ways it's everything and more. They are loving and loveable, fun, well behaved and generally great to be with. It doesn't stop moments of pure frustration however, and I do keep finding myself being grumpier than I expected, and trying to remind myself that these are excitable little kids, exploring a whole new world, and sometimes I just need to chill out!

I am incredibly proud of them both though, they really seem to have adapted to things so well, and new schools just seem to have been a walk in the park to them. Well done boys!

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