Sunday, 25 March 2012

What a lovely weekend

I didn't post last night because we had arranged some much needed 'adult time' - we had two of our good friends round for nibbles after the boys had gone to bed. We rushed through bath and bedtime and I speed read the night time story - to allow time for the wine to be opened by the time our friends arrived. Of course it wasn't totally child free time as we spent all night talking about them, well, until I fell asleep on the floor at 10.30. That was quite good going!

We've had a really fabulous couple of days. The weather has been stunning and we've all been in our shorts and we've been outdoors all weekend, which I think we've all enjoyed. We ventured to the park yesterday and today we had a picnic on the beach and the a scoot along to a park on the seafront. Other than that we've been around the house and I think we've all really benefited from that.

The boys have been great company, Charlie in particular can be really funny, and he's now fully in to 'helper' mode and is wanting to do jobs every time either of us are in the kitchen. He walked into the lounge yesterday afternoon with my oven gloves on, proudly saying 'Daddy, I'm the chef in this family now!'

The boys met a few more neighbours this weekend and we've encouraged the 'no hugging' policy which appears to have worked well as they've asked much fewer questions afterwards. They also spoke to Aunty Nikki on the telephone for the first time today, and this evening the foster carers called to speak to them - just to reinforce the message that when adults are gone from their vision, it doesn't mean they stop thinking about them.

Today is G's birthday and I think he enjoyed having his cards and presents brought to him in bed by the boys, and of course, that surprise birthday cake!

We've of course dealt with discipline issues, but only the normal things you would expect from a 4 and 5 year old sibling pair, mainly issues around sharing and sulking when they don't get their own way, but other than that, it's been fine, and apart from being knackered, I think G and I both feel we're getting the hang of things.

We're finding lots of things we need to buy, for example the good weather started yesterday and we realised we had no hats, sandals or shorts, but we're slowly getting there. We need to do a big shopping trip, but I suspect that will be easier when the little people are not around!

Joe was really in the wars today, he has no fear and just runs and scoots really quick. He was determined to take his scooter in to the teenagers skate park today, after the third fall I called a halt, much to his dismay, and he also fell over a further two times. I hope we don't get a spot visit from social services tomorrow as I think he'll be black and blue.

Right, time to see if I can stay awake long enough to watch something on the tele and enjoy what's left of G's birthday.

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