Friday, 24 February 2012

Planning the introductions

We had our final meeting before the arrival of the boys today! We went in to the social services with a bit more of a spring in our steps than usual today, knowing we were no longer prospective adopters, but approved!

We met with our social worker, the foster carers social worker, the boys social worker and the team manager with a view to confirming plans for the introductions. I was a bit worried that there may be lots of changes to the draft plan that we had already seen, but fortunately there weren't really any changes made, so it's confirmed, we meet them on the 9th March and they move in on the 20th March.

The introductions have been really carefully planned, everything is staged to demonstrate to the boys that they can trust us. We start of with just a couple of hours, just a chance to play with them at their foster home. By day three we are up to 6 hours, and we prepare lunch at the foster home, to start to demonstrate a transfer of care. On day four we take them out on our own, and take control of bedtime routine. On this day we will also go in to school/nursery for the boys to say goodbye.

On day six we rest, and on day 7 the introductions move to our house, with the foster carers bringing them over and staying for lunch. Day 8 they bring them over and then leave them with us for the day, with us returning them to the foster home in our car. Day 9 we collect them and have them for the full day. Day 10 is an overnight stay with a return early on day 11, when the introductions are reviewed in order to confirm that everyone is ready for the move on day 12.

It's very well planned and considered, trying to keep anxiety reduced for all concerned.

So this weekend we make our introductions DVD and photo album which will sent to them ready for when the social worker goes to tell them about us next week!

The support, cards and emails continue to pour in - I really can't thank you all enough - you're amazing!

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  1. Candy Middleton4 March 2012 at 22:59

    Awesome blog D, can't wait to hear how the first meetings with the boys go. Feeling your excitement. Your blog will be a tremendous source of information for others going through the adoption process with such a wonderful detailed account of it all. Good on you guys xx