Friday, 9 December 2011

Home study 9

Yesterday was home study 9. With everything that's been going on with the boys, we kind feel a bit out of the swing of home study - we have mentally moved on from the assessment phase! Nevertheless, it was actually a really nice session. We were looking at emotional development, specifically the needs of children from 0 to 9, and then discussing the needs that are unmet in an adopted child. Because of the fact we are now working towards matching and approval at the same time, we looking at these exercises specifically in relation to the boys, which is great as it's cementing what we already know about them.

We had a couple of exercises to do which helped to demonstrate the long term effects of the missing foundations from the boys first couple of years.

Today we were meant to be looking at the boy's records, but unfortunately they weren't quite ready for us so we're waiting to be given another date to do so. It's already make us realise just how luck we have been with our social worker who has been so organised with all of our appointments, as soon as we're dependent on someone else, we've been waiting a week for a revised date with no news as yet! Oh well, it needs to be next week as we're meeting the medical advisor the following week so we really need to have had a chance to read their medical records before then.

I made a couple of phone calls to primary schools today. We have one in mind that we really want the boys to go to, and as the eldest is already in year one, we need him to start in summer term. The youngest will start reception in September. It's quite a frustrating situation as they were asking us to fill in application forms, not really getting that we can't sign anything for the boys as yet as we have no details on them, and no responsibility for them, but at the same time, if we don't get their names on a list soon, we are really going to struggle. So I went back to talk to our social worker and she's going to see if our local authority can apply (to..... our local authority!) on behalf of the boys. Fingers crossed!

And then a strange thing happened. G went to Sainsbury's and bumped into the boy's foster carer. She saw  G first and went up to talk to him, and said that they had the boy's with them in the cafe! G was thrown! She was really kind, asked how things were going, and said that if he wanted, they could arrange to walk up an aisle at the same time as him, so he could have a chance to see them. G was much more restrained than me, and declined, quite rightly saying that it wouldn't be fair on the foster carers. However the experience turned his mind to mush a little, and he forgot what he went in for! We've been chatting about it tonight, and I find it really strange to think that he was that close to our children today!

I must stop using the word weird on the  blog, but this really is very weird!!!

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