Sunday, 27 November 2011


If nothing else comes out of this adoption journey, we really have made some wonderful friends in the process! We've had a lovely day today, firstly, lunch with our adoption prep group, wonderfully hosted by two of our number. Then we popped out to go the NFS christmas party, where it was wonderful to see about 25 kids running around - the numbers are really swelling as more and more people are having their children placed with them, then we went back to our adoption prep group lunch, to finish off the coffee!

It is great to have people to talk to that truly understand the process and the emotions invested in it, and wonderful to have a laugh and joke about some of the things that might otherwise make you go quite mad!

I feel very blessed to have so much support throughout our adoption process, fantastic support from our longstanding friends and family members who are investing in to this as much as we are, but also to have the support of the new friends that the journey has introduced us to.

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