Thursday, 27 October 2011

Home visit number 5

We did today's visit at our social workers office, so not technically a home visit, but we'll call it that for ease!

We started off with some feedback from our 1-2-1 visits, all very positive. She explained that they were looking for signs that we had formed positive attachments with our own parents and siblings, that we could reflect on life experiences, and that we could talk coherently about our childhood. She said we ticked the boxes in these areas and that she was very happy.

We moved on to discuss our previous relationships. Fortunately for both G and me, there aren't that many, and for each us 10 months is about our longest relationship prior to meeting one another, so this was fairly uncomplicated. Fortunately we also both know each others past, so no surprises!

We then moved on to discuss our own relationship. It's an odd question to be asked why you think your relationship works, but an interesting area to explore! We were challenged with some thought provoking questions, but nothing that shocked us. We had to share our feelings about our own intimacy with one another, how we split roles around the house, how we make decisions etc.

Once again, we actually enjoyed the session, it does feel like free counselling!

Our social worker concluded by saying that she was very happy with how our application was proceeding and said that so far, she has no concerns. She's received our references now, and we both got our CRB clearance this week, so hopefully the admin side of things is coming together. We've had to submit employer references this week to be taken up.

It all feels like it's progressing at a steady pace, but after next week's session we have a three week gap, and I know that's going to be a bit frustrating, but I have to learn patience!

In other news, work started on our loft conversion today, so hopefully by Christmas we'll have another bedroom and bathroom, and can then start building the nest!

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