Monday, 21 March 2011

An inspiring day

Today has been a good day. Firstly, we’ve made lots of decisions about our house, we’re going to extend it a bit with another bedroom and bathroom, and we’ve worked out how we can best use the space if there’s another one or two people joining us! We went to church this morning. I had a church based primary education and we would really like to be able to do the same for our child/children. G came with me for the first time today, and the vicar couldn’t have been more welcoming. It was a big step for me!

This afternoon we attended our second meeting of the New Family Social, a support group for same sex adopters and fosterers. Last time we felt very nervous, but this time was lovely, already felt like there were some old friends there, and with lots of people at various stages of the process, there was lots more information and inspiration to be gained.

It’s starting to feel like this is really happening - and we’ve very excited!

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